It's Been More Than 2 Weeks Since I Posted

It's been a long time. Too long

So guess who had a kickass day.....ME!(damn, that was flaming)

In the morning I went to physics which sucked but I got extra credit and extra credit generally pulls me from a 76% to a 80% in that class so I have to attend. After that, Roxana, Patrick and I ate lunch with my dad at Subway. Once again I came out reeking of that signiture Subway smell. Then, I chilled with my Daddio while Roxana and Paco went to a thrift store(P-McDizzle got the tightest hat ever). We all reunited at my house and my Dad left. The three of us hung out for about an hour and then we hit the town. First, we went to Potbelly's in College Park. Dudes, it is so good. The people that work there have to yell out every order in the most annoying way possible. They really should stop that. Anyway, we met Lauren and James there. When we were about to leave this guy started playing his guitar up on the little stage right next to our table. Even thoughwe threw our trash away and everyone else left I waited until he was done playing because he was getting into it and I didn't want to discourage him by leaving in the middle of his song. Plus he was pretty good. After that we went to Record Exchange where I got the new A Static Lullaby CD for $2.50. We walked around in Rugged and Potomac Video for a while before we decided to go to College Perk. It was so chill in there. Roxana and I looked at the pictures of naked ladies, James drew stuff(damn, he's good). It was a nice little relaxing break. Anna came in while we were all in there so she joined us. Then, we agreed to go to Lauren's house. Chip had been calling us so we went to go pick him up. When we got there he wasn't completely dressed so we had to wait at the door while he clothed himself. At Lauren's, which by the way is the coolest looking house in the world, we watched Spirited Away. For all of you who haven't seen Spirited Away, you should go rent it right now. I know it's an anime movie but I have to agree with Lauren saying that it's the best movie of the year. No matter how many times you see it, it never gets old. During the movie Lauren's Mom made these recockulously good cholcolate rice crispie things, I licked Chip numerous times, James fell asleep downstairs, and Patrick and I got into a wedgie fight. Maybe Lauren will put up the pictures she took? After the movie, Roxana and I came back here and watched SNL until her Mom came. It was off the hook.

That was my wild and crazy day. Feel free to leave as many comments as possible. Basho!Banana Tree!

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These questions have been bothering me all day:

Let's say there's someone who's really obsessive compulsive taking a shower. If they read the shampoo bottle and read lather, rinse, repeat or whatever it says, would they have to repeatedly wash their hair until the bottle was empty or something.

Now, I reeeeaaalllyy don't believe in aliens but for a moment let's assume they are real. If aliens are probably so much more advanced than us and might enslave the human race then why are all these nut jobs so desperate to find them.

.......This is why I can't be alone with myself for too long. If anyone has any answers or comments for my questions, feel free to share. I never get any comments.

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Superbowl Fever

So the Superbowl is tommorow and I get to spend the whole day doing homework. I hate APUS essays so much I think I'm going to have a stroke. I normally am a football fan but this Superbowl I'm not that excited. Honestly, the teams just really suck and I especially hate the Panthers. I'll take a good old fashioned Maryland basketball game any day of the week, thank you.

A Note For The Ladies: if a guy tells you that he doesn't like sports(*ahem*Zach*ahem*)he's just trying to get some action. Maybe you could say he's just trying to get some of your sweet woman juice(I love you Saving Silverman).

I'm really all about the song "The Future Freaks Me" Out by Motion City Soundtrack right now. It's just got that old fashioned charm that I love so very much. I was in Zach's dad's car yesterday and he was listening to this old school jazz sort of song. I was jamming along like a mug in the back seat.

I figured out the links finally:


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Best Website Ever

I've found the greatest website of all time. It's (I can't get the link to work) and it's all dedicated to classic Nick shows. Oh man, it takes me back. The show tonight was quite good. word
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"I Feel As Though I Love Everything And Nothing At the Same Time"

No, that's not a qoute from some crappy song. It's actually a quote of myself on Zach's journal that I thought described myself so well right now that I had to use it.

I promise that's the end of my emoness for this entry. Today was pretty cool and I got to hang out with some people that I don't usually hang out with. I saw SLC Punk which was a surprisingly good movie. I hate to admit it but I was struggling not to cry when Heroin Bob died(those fuckers told him those pills were vitamins).

We really need to not have school tommorow. If anyone knows what's supposed to go on with the weather fill me in. Zach said it's supposed to snow on Friday, Monday, and Tuesday or Wednesday.

As far as music goes, everyone should go to the Boys Night Out show on Friday. It will be very cool. Anyone who has a Gatsbys American Dream cd please burn it for me. I would appreciate that very much. For about a month I've had to listen to them while online. I couldn't even download the songs. It's just become a huge pain.

You guys should all go to if you don't know about it. It's like but it's mostly good music.....and it's still there. They've got alot of bands that no one has ever heard of.

I am watching The Simpsons and The Daily Show at the same time while listening to music(I am the king of multi-tasking). It's practically orgasmic.

Zach, if you are reading this, I am worried about you. You've become a bit of a recluse, buddy. If we don't have school tommorow I'm getting you away from that deathtrap of a computer and out on the streets again. Seriously, the kids around town have started refering to you as Crazy Old Snake Man.

Iguess that's all I've got

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I would like to take this moment to apologize to everyone who has been reading my journal(all 3 of you). I'm sorry for being such an emo bitch. I'll be over everything and back to "pop punk" me very soon. Probably not in music, but still in spirit. Me two weeks ago or in a week would be kicking my ass right now if they were here. To sum up: I'll be back to normal in no time.

Looks like no school tommorow. That's good.

I can't feel one of my toes right now. Do you think that's bad?

Am I the only one whose head itches while they're wearing a hat? It really pisses me off.

Those are just a few of the cool things we could be talking about if we were chillin' right now. How 'bout it?

You know who is a seriously funny guy? Dave Chapelle(I don't know how to spell it). Every one of his jokes is about white people but, at the end of the day, aren't those the best jokes. Also, the guy who does Family Guy. If that show really comes back.......(drooling noises). For those of you who have never seen Family Guy, here's just a taste of the magic:

Setting-Peter is shopping in a generic grocery store.

Peter:(knocks beer off of a shelf and it spills on the floor)
Peter:(yells)Clean up in aisle four!
Peter:(yells in a different voice)I got it!
Peter:(gets down on his hands and knees and proceeds to suck the beer off of the ground)

Honestly guys, does it get any classier than that. I guess that's just about all I have to say.

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Alien Species

Bad movies are so much more entertaining than good ones. I now know that after watching the gorgeous work of cinematography known as Alien Species. It's jam packed with explosions(which are obviously fire works), enthralling action scenes, and gripping dialouge including legendary one liners such as "Bon apetite, asswipe!". It doesn't get much better than that. The one movie that I would rank higher on my "All Time Great Movie List" than Alien Species is Pulp Fiction because it goes above and beyond any movie I've ever seen before. What other movie takes senseless violence and rampant drug use to a whole new level and then really not make it seem all that bad. I've probably seen that movie about 7 times and it just gets better every time(Royale with cheese anyone). Movies and friends are about all that gets my mind off stuff but I guess whatever happens, happens. It feels like a relief but hurts so bad at the same time. A week ago I did what I thought was the right thing but it just feels so wrong. Right now I'm trying to see what it's like hanging out with different people and almost just living a different life but the only problem is that I'm such a spazoid that no one really wants to be around me. I'm realizing that there are some really kickass, nice people like Patrick, Aaron, and Chip who actually care about you. Then at the same time there are so many people who you thought were your friends but really wouldn't even come to your funeral if you died tommorow. I've got to run out the door right now but I'll write some more when I get back(not that anyone cares).

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Sausage Fest 2004

The event of the year has officially come to a close. All of those wondering what Sausage Fest 2004 is, it is a time of the year when guys come together to celebrate the gooch, tiger claws, male nudity, and of course Carpe Sausage. Seriously, today was fun with all the dudes. Tommorow though, I want to chill with more people. I promised myself that I'm not wasting this weekend like all of my breaks. It's good to have some time to figure stuff out. everyone should visit Man, I rocked that game. Also go to You have to keep reloading the page to see new things. Some of it is crap but it's worth it to see something really good. I'm tired and this entry probably sucks but I really don't care.

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